"How much do your crowns really cost?"


"What are the added fees for the x-rays, exam, prepping the tooth, placing a temporary and intra-oral photos and digital scans?"

$0   Seriously, everything is included for $699 per tooth.*

*We have only one additional service that applies only to people with implants.  If you need an implant crown they are a flat rate of $1249 and that includes all of your implant specific parts that are required for the restoration.

"How much is your consultation fee?"

$0  Schedule today!!!

"How much does it cost to do two crowns?"

Still just $699 per tooth:

2 crowns = $1398

"How much for a bridge?"

Depends on how many missing teeth are being replaced.  Each tooth portion of a bridge is just $699.  A typical bridge replaces one missing tooth and attaches to two neighboring teeth, one on each side.  This is called a three unit bridge.  3 units at $699/unit = $2097.

"Do you take insurance?"

We currently accept Cash, Credit and Debit Cards.

For those with Insurance, we will help you fill out your insurance forms, as well as provide the needed documentation and narratives the insurance requires.  From there, we hand it to you to mail.  Any insurance payments will go directly to you.  This allows us to keep your crown costs as low as possible.

"What about anterior crowns?"

Yes, we do those as well.  Also only $699 per tooth.

"What if I need a root canal?"

We'll refer you to one of our partner dentists.  Once they complete your Root Canal Therapy you can return to us for your crown.  These partner dentists have agreed to give special pricing for our patients!

"What if I need an implant?"

We'll refer you to one of our partner dentists.  Once they complete your Implant placement you can return to us for you implant crown and custom abutment if needed.

"What if I have an implant and need it restored?"

Implant crowns are more labor-intensive than a dental crown over a natural tooth.  they can be restored at a reduced rate of $1249 and that includes the cost of the implant parts for your particular restoration

"Can I see you for all of my dental work and cleanings?"

We love hearing that you enjoyed us so much you want us to be your dental home.  We partner with some outstanding dentists and will happily provide you a reference to see them to continue your routine dental care.